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Josquin des Pres is one of the top and most versatile Musician/Producers in the Music Biz. His comprehensive knowledge makes him and Track Star Studios  an invaluable resource for everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals. I've known him for over 30 years and recommend him highly.

Jerry Heller

Music Industry Legend (Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Elton John, Pink Floyd etc.)

Josquin des Pres is an excellent producer and musician, who can expertly produce many genres of music. From pop ballads to country, from R&B/hip-hop to modern rock, Josquin will do a terrific job.

Dale Kawashima 

President Songwriter Universe Former Creative Director Sony/ATV Music

Josquin and Track Star Studios do great work. Josquin was the producer for my song, "How Your Love Changes Everything" which won the Billboard World Song Contest. I highly recommend him!

Carlos Tabora

Songwriter/Billboard World Contest Grand Prize Winner

Over the past 5 years I have recorded 60 + songs with Josquin des Pres and his team. Josquin has provided me with top notch players, production and engineering. As a result over 30 of my songs were placed. Josquin is one of the best in the business. It's truly a pleasure and a privilege to work with someone of his caliber.

Tracy Page


Our trek through the musical wilderness for a producer with talent, range, and, perhaps most importantly, taste is over. Josquin des Pres and his team of top-shelf musicians deliver—not just with virtuosity (which would be enough) but with heart and soul. The  Track Star Studios team are the collaborators that we hoped for. They were crucial in helping us realize our vision for our songs. The results have been nothing short of miraculous.

Dan DiGregorio


I emailed my puny guitar/vocal and described my marketing vision for my song "Better Day" to Josquin des Pres and immediately he understood what I wanted and began giving me more ideas. I was so excited when I listened to the finished demo. The Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson vibe was perfect. This song ROCKS! I almost hate pitching it because it is so marketable the way it is. My songplugger loved it and was so confident in the demo that he has already pitched it to the above artists, NBC Daytime, Paramount, Universal Artists and others. I can almost taste this cut! I really appreciate the professionalism, value and quick turnaround. Track Star Studios delivered way above my expectations! No need to search further for my next project. Thanks Josquin!!!

Billy Wall


I enthusiastically recommend Josquin des Pres and his team for demo production work. Not only did Josquin respond promptly and professionally to any questions I had about the demo production process, but he arranged and produced an outstanding demo of my song "Glide" -- even adding an additional vocalist and musician for free during the demo production process! This is dedicated work from a dedicated team, and the results speak for themselves: "Glide" was chosen as one of the Top Five Songs in the monthly song contest, and Dale Kawashima, head of SongwriterUniverse, in an evaluation of the demo noted that "this demo with Josquin does a very good job of taking this song to a higher level. The demo vocalist does a good job of singing this song, and the overall music track is much more contemporary. So with this new demo, you probably have the best presentation of one of your songs to date."

Larry Hamlet


As a non-performing lyricist and songwriter, it can be a challenge to get a song produced that is true to my vision of the song. I just finished working on a song with Josquin Des Pres, who respected my vision, found a terrific vocalist and was a pleasure to work with, and all this happened long distance! Josquin is a talented musician, producer and arranger, but beyond talent, he is the consummate professional (in my experience, somewhat of a rarity in the music biz). Every step of the process, I felt that Josquin went the extra mile in treating me as a valued customer and a viable music creator. I’m so happy with the finished product and I can’t wait to pitch it!

Donna Wintergreen


Well, what can I say other than, Track Star Studios is AWESOME!!! My at home keyboard and vocalist project was touched by the great producers/arrangers, musicians and singers at Track Star Studios and turned into Platinum to me. I am so over impressed by what they've done. The professionalism that has been incorporated in my project simply blows me away. When I sent the cd of my home recording, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had confidence of something good, but Track Star Studios did something GREAT :). I can go on and on about the excitement that rest inside of me because of the transformation Track Star Studios did for my recording, it is truly, truly remarkable what you do. I'm so sincere with every word that I'm saying that it reminds me of when I first heard the completion of the recording , it brought tears to my eyes to hear such a lovely and professional sound. You've ignited me more passion to continue doing what I so love, writing. Thank you so much again

Craig A. Thompson


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